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18th Century Carriages
18th Century Carriages, published by the Paris Etching Society
18th Century Carriages paetsocase
18th Century Chapeaux
18th Century Chapeaux, published by the Paris Etching Society.
18th Century French Fashion
French Fashion in 1780s, published by the Paris Etching Society
Fruits & Flowers
Fruits and Flowers, published by Paris Etching Society and Langlois, Redouté and Prévost
French City Scenes
18th Century Genre ScenesTropical Birds
Etching Restrikes after Jacques Barraband.
Decorative maps and nautical charts of diverse geographical regions and of the world.
New York City
Decorative Prints of New York City in the 1800's, published by Paris Etching Society.
City and Topographical Views
Courtroom & LawSporting

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