Regina Baumhauer: Statement, Exhibitions, Awards, Collections


“Technologically sophisticated information and communication systems are characteristics of our postmodern society. Information can be shared worldwide within seconds. Face-to-face communication is not necessary anymore in order to feel “connected.” Is humankind ready for the velocity of the technologies it has created? Will the individual pine for more profound inter-personal communication and values as social life becomes increasingly mediated by the computerized exchange of information?

Work on paper is at the heart of all my projects. I use it as my laboratory. In my Open Letter Series, which I began in 1995 as an on-going project, I use security envelopes that I have received in the mail. Having traveled through conventional postal systems the envelopes have served the purpose of communication. The postal cancelation stamp shows the day and place of their origin. The envelopes usually indicate the sender’s name and sometimes show a personal note. The security envelopes’ insides often reveal patterns that remind me of both logical number systems and biomorphic shapes that recall post-modern communication technology and living beings.

I lithographically transpose on my paper matrix the security or hand-drawn patterns, upon which I print a linoleum square as a second, superimposed layer. On the third layer, the “hand-written” part, I use different materials and techniques, including graphite, crayons, eye-liner, block print color, egg tempera, embroidery, piercing, stenciling, and combinations thereof.

My intention is to visually transpose and interpret the interaction of individual and collective experience with logical and non-logical systems. At the same time my Open Letter Series interprets my particular experience as a “globally nomadic,” raised-in-Germany- New-York-City artist, wife, and mother negotiating my personal “globally nomadic” world and how it has been and continues to be shaped and reshaped by socially encroaching post-modern technologies.”

…Regina Baumhauer

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (s) solo shows (g) group shows

Phyllis Lucas Gallery, New York, NY (USA), 2010
SuedWestGalerie, Niederalfingen (Germany) 2012, 08, 05, 04 (g), 2006 (s) Katalog, 2000 (s)
New Art Center, New York, NY (USA) 2010, 05, 04 (g) Jury: D. Nahas, 2007 Jury : B.MacAdam (s)
Museum im Prediger, GD (Germany) 2005, 1993 (g) prize
HP Garcia Gallery, New York, NY (USA) 2006 (g)
Kuenstlerforum Bonn (Germany) 1998 (g)
EU Building, Brussels (Belgium) 2004 (g) prize
P. Bartlow Gallery, Chicago (USA) 2004(g), 1995, 1992 (s) Katalog
Galerie Schaller, Stuttgart (Germany) 1996 (g), 1990 (s) 1992 (s) Katalog
Staedt. Galerie Bad Vilbel/Frankfurt (Germany) 1999 (s)
Internationaler Senefelder Preis, Offenbach (Germany) (g)
Grosse Kunstausstellung im Haus der Kunst Muenchen (Germany) 1990, 1988, 1985 (g), Katalog
Die Galerie, Hannover (Germany) 1986 (s)


YADDO, Saratoga Springs NY, USA; Patricia Highsmith-Plangman Residency
Kunst fuer Bruessel, Germany/Belgium (prize)
Dietenberger-Mahringer-Stiftung, Germany (prize)
Boston University, MA, USA; SVA, full time scholarship, Rotary Foundation
Akademiepreis, Staatliche Akademie d.B.K. Stuttgart, Germany (prize)


Busch-Reisinger Museum/Harvard University through S.and W. Kramarsky Collection (USA)
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Graphische Sammlung/permanent collection of the museum (Germany)
Permanent collections of the cities of Aalen, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Sindelfingen (Germany)
Landesgirokasse/BW -Bank, Stuttgart (Germany)
Ministerium fuer Wissenschaft und Kunst Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany)
Museum Ulm (Germany)
Neue Kinderklinik, Universitaet Tuebingen (Germany)
BLB-Bank, New York (USA)
Dioezesanmuseum, Rottenburg (Germany)

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