Harriet FeBland

"Over the past four decades, Harriet FeBland's works have been shown world-wide in major museum (Brooklyn Museum; MoMA) and gallery invitationals.

A New York native, FeBland was born and educated in New York City (Pratt Institute; New York University). She lived abroad in England and France where for 11 years she actively participated in European art circles, creating a highly distinctive and powerful body of work and gained an international reputation early in her career. In London she married and had two sons, eventually returning to the U.S.. She has taught at New York University and elsewhere.

The Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology credits her as one of just several artists who introduced plastics and electricity as an art form. She coined the term "constructions" at the start of her career to describe her style of sculpture-painting and it has become an established part of the art lexicon. According to Paul Mocsanyi, former Director of the New School Art Center, New School For Social Research who dubbed her "the poet of geometry" for her "humanization of the mathematics of shapes."

The Harriet FeBland Art Workshop, master classes in painting and construction was founded in 1963 and continued until 1993, with her workshops presented at Bennington College, London University, UK, Iona College, College of New Rochelle, Santa Fe Art Institute and elsewhere.

Throughout her career FeBland's concerns for artists and artist affairs led her to serve as Delegate and Secretary for the American Art Committee, United Nations (1978-81); and as past President of New York Artist Equity Association (1989-90); and past President of the American Society of Contemporary Artists (1981-83) and again (2005-07), and where she continues as President Emeritus. Her works are in numerous museum and various corporate collections including Grounds For Sculpture Museum, Hamilton, NJ; The Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ; Tweed Art Museum, Univ. of MN, Duluth, MN; Pepsico Corp., Somers, NY; Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. etc. During 2009, her art achievements were honored by the Agnes K. Haverly Foundation which published, sponsored and funded a brochure of her works and digitally restored a DVD for TV previously produced by them. They are now distributed to museums throughout the United States."

...Frank DeGregorie, Curator, Galleries at The Interchurch Center, 2010

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