Sports, Pastimes, Games

Prints, lithographs, and engravings of various sports, pastimes, and games from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Archery Tournament, Prospect Park, BrooklynPolice AthleticsBadminton - "Battledoor and Shuttlecock"
Baseball - Manhattan Athletic Club GroundsBaseball - Cover of Harper's WeeklyBaseball on Ice Skates
Baseball Postcard - Oritani Field, NJNew Baseball Grounds at Chicago, IllinoisAtlantic Baseball Club of Brooklyn, Long Island
At the Bowling ClubBowling - A Ten-StrikeBoxing - "Roar of the Crowd" Joe Louis Film Advertisement
Boxing - "Only Exclusive Fight Picture of Joe Louis" Film AdvertisementBoxing - Bendigo, Champion of EnglandChess - At the Metropolitan Club,Washington, D.C.
Chess - Playing at DraughtsChess - The Sixteen Leading Chess Players of the WorldCricket - "A Critical Moment"
Cricket - "The International Cricket Match at Philadelphia"Cricket - "The Cricket Match between the Australians and the New Yorkers"Cricket - "The Cricket Match between Sussex and Kent, at Brighton"
CurlingCurling, or BonspielCycling - "Third Annual meet of the League of American Wheelmen"
Cycling - "A Chance Brush Š Bicycle against Buck-board"Cycling in Hyde ParkCycling in England
Fishing - "The Angler Who Caught Something" by H.M. BatemanFishing - "A Tight Line (Connemara)"Fencing - Seconde position du Salut
Fencing - Quatrieme position du SalutFencing - De la parade de quarte au dedans des armes sur le coup de quarteFencing - De la parade de Seconde sur le coup de seconde
Fencing - De la parade du demi-cercle sur le coup de quarter basseFencing - De la parade du cave sur le coup de flanconnadeFencing - De la rioposte en quinte de pied forme sur le coup de seconde
Fencing - De la rioposte du cave di pied ferme...Fencing - Demi volte sur les cops forces au dehors des armesFencing - Position de la Garde Italienne de lÕepeŽ and poignarde
Fencing - LÕepeŽ & Lanterne combattŸe par lÕepeŽ & ManteauFoot-ball match between Yale and PrincetonFootball - "A Tight Jam"
Football - "Interference"Football - "Running with the Ball"Football - "The Yale Bowl"
Ice SkatingIce Skating - "On the Ice"Ice Yachting on the Hudson, M.J. Burns
Ice Yachting on the Hudson, J. DavidsonLacrosse - "The Amateur Lacrosse Tournament at the Polo Grounds"Pool/ Billiards - "The Billiard Tournament at Chicago"
Pool/ Billiards - "A Chicago Pool-Room on Sunday"Pool/ Billiards - "Playing Pool in a Paris CafŽ in aid of the Territorial Liberation Fund"Rifling - "International Long-Range Rifle Match"
Snow Shoeing - "'Bouncing' in Canada"Table Tennis/ Ping PongTobogganing at Orange, NJ
Tennis, Horse RacingWrestling - LutteursWrestling - Lutteurs
Wrestling Techniques

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